12 Sep

They’re one of natures most glorious wonders, and can mean so many things. As sympathy for someone lost, as happiness for someone born. A sorry from a forgetful husband, a thank you from a dear friend.

A red rose signifies passion, while a white rose carries virtue. Swirling butterflies playing amongst meadows of running wild flowers hold a different place in our hearts to when we sit on ornate benches, admiring the regal, uniform gardens of grand estates. Whether nature or nurture, flowers still stun with their captivating beauty.

Luxurious man, to bring his vice in use,

Did after him the world seduce,

And from the fields the flowers and plants allure,

Where nature was most plain and pure.

He first enclosed within the garden’s square

A dead and standing pool of air,

And a more luscious earth for them did knead,

Which stupefied them while it fed.

– Andrew Marvell, The Mower Against Gardens

My flowers came in the form of red carnations, brought to say ‘Get Well Soon’. I’ve been ill this last day or so you see, but this simple yet powerful gift sits by my bed, wishing me well each morning.

Red CarnationThey work too, because the smile they bring to my lips always makes me feel better.


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