Heels or no heels?

15 Sep

This question is always my first when planning my evening outfit. It defines the event, the class and in the end, my level of enjoyment.

Bruised sensations build on the soles of my feet, while blisters burn around the edges. Smiles turn to winces as I stumble around, searching for seats or walls, or people, to lean on. What’s the point?” I ask myself every time. I’m in agony, but I look beautiful, right?

Pressure is put on me to look my best, yet the pressure is all pounding in the heated blood of my poor feet. How do those elegant women do it, with their sophisticated skyscraper heels clicking the floor with dominatrix clarity. Chimmy Choos parade amidst flashes of Louboutin red, while I tremble in their wake.

Comforting, pretty pumps, where have you gone?


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