Bargain Hunter

19 Sep

A forlorn, yearning glimpse into the window at Topshop brings tears into the soul. Money is an alien concept, with yet another week to go before the loan heavenly cascades into the lowly students bank account.

It’s the toughest call of the year, do you sacrifice food for the week, or fork out £80 on that dress? Perhaps you should buy the size down, seeing as you wont be able to eat…

But here is the answer to all your money problems: charity shops. Cheap and charitable, so everyone’s a winner! And it can be a lot of fun scouring through to find that one quirky jumper for £1 or that retro handbag for just 50p. Get creative and customise your new wardrobe if it’s not exactly what you had in mind, the possibilities are endless!

My experience was this. Yesterday I took all my determination and spirit and ventured into the charity shops in my local area. The décor of my new student abode and my English Literature reading list were stinging in the back of my mind. Books can cost an arm or a leg while little bits to spruce up your home can mount up to a small fortune. Stumbling over photo frames, rag dolls and the random candle sticks, I finally came across the pot of gold, (or pots of tea and sugar I suppose).


These are the exact, beautiful little pots I found. This set was going for £36.99 on eBay, while I managed to get the sugar and tea pots for £1.50 a piece! They will look delightful on my kitchen window sill, and have not cost me half a week’s rent to do so.

Next there were the books. Although I knew this would be less successful, because going to charity shops to buy specific things is not a task for the faint hearted, I still persevered. My courage was rewarded when I stumbled across Daniel Defoe’s Moll Flanders in a section marked out as “50p – Buy one get one free”. So I picked another book among the rest that took my fancy, and purchased. 25p that book cost me, that’s not even enough to buy you a bag of sweets these days.

So I encourage you to take the dive amongst the junk, to find the diamond in the rough. Trust me, you’re bank balance will thank you for it.


One Response to “Bargain Hunter”

  1. mancunianvintage September 19, 2012 at 10:49 pm #

    I agree, great finds!

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