A Year

29 Sep

What is a year? It is an amount of time, but time is not a regular measurement. Time can be fast, or slow. The year ahead can seem like a lifetime away, whereas the year before seems like yesterday.

Starting my second year of university is exciting, daunting and terrifying all in one breath. A year ago, or a second, it doesn’t matter which as it was with one blink of my eye that it was over whichever way you look at it, I began my university journey. I am now coming to the end of my second Fresher’s Week, and by Christmas I will be halfway through the best three years of my life.

Time is the one thing humanity cannot control. We can prolong life with medicine, and from a bottle we can slow down the signs of ageing, but we cannot stop time. It changes us no matter how we fight it. We can be made of plastic on the outside, but time still messes with our insides.

When I grow old, I wish to do it gracefully and acceptingly, rather than fighting it. It’s an honour to be changed by time and to be even a minuscule part of the incredible story that is history.

A year is just an inaccurate human measure of time, because the greatness of time can never truly be measured.


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