“Going up?”

4 Oct

Hesitation before embarking on a 5-story journey with a stranger is brought from the inevitable occurrence of awkwardness that will sting the air within the small box like millions of tiny shards of sparkling crystals. As the electronic bell chimes and the door slides closed, there is an ominous eclipsing sensation as the outside world and all its sunlight and glory is hidden behind the metal slab, plunging the two bodies into the shadows.

Sudden amplification of the particles passing through their windpipes visualises the tension between them, but their eyes dart around the limited views trying to find a fixing point as far away from the other’s glare as possible. The cataclysmic possibility of a spark igniting should eye lines meet would surely send the strangers into explosive awkwardness.

Panic sets in as the numbers climb. 1, 2, 3, 4… I can almost hear the angels singing.

As the lift reaches its final resting place, and the weightless sensation in their tummies settles too, the bell chimes once more. The eclipse is reversed as the golden, heavenly light leaks into the dingy cell. Without a word, the strangers exit from their adventurous climb and depart to meet their separate ends. Two people, joined for their last moment in harmonious hush.

It’s incredible how life can pass us by in silence.


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