Writer’s Block

18 Oct

The mind bubbles over with imaginings, boiling its contents until the ideas simmer down into intense, solidified words on the page. Delicious clarity one moment, but unexpected bitter emptiness the next.

‘Writer’s Block’ comes in many forms, from laziness to anxiety to confusion. But the one similarity that comes with all forms of the disease is that it can strike you down at any given moment without warning, and it brings with it the frustration that the writer’s life purpose is harshly taken away from them.

Imagine a Doctor who forgot how to heal. Imagine a taxi driver who forgot how to drive. Imagine a teacher who forgot what they teach. Imagine a singer who forgot all the words. For writers this is the unimaginable world that they must live in, because although they can write beautifully one day, they could easily forget how to the next.

The only thing to do is ride it out, search for inspiration and wait for those blessed words to shine down upon you once more.

If that fails, become a critic.


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