My Angry Rant

7 Nov

Scumbags, villains, criminals, thieves… What do they think gives them the right to invade on my privacy, on my life. Earlier this year, on holiday with the girls, I was pick-pocketed. They stole my purse out of my handbag, which luckily didn’t contain that much money or anything valuable within. But they took my property, my favourite red Harrods purse that I bought on my first trip to London with my boyfriend. It wasn’t worth the earth in money, but it left a small hole in my heart.

This week was my reading week at university so I came home. Last night I got a phone call from my housemate. Our house had been broken into, and a guy had climbed in through my window and been through my stuff. They think he took some jewellery. I don’t own any priceless jewels; I’m a student for god’s sake! I would never class myself as a material girl, the welfare of my housemate who was in her room at the time of the break-in was my paramount concern, but after that do come my possessions. If he has taken the earrings my Aunt and Uncle bought me for my 18th birthday, or the necklace my boyfriend bought me on our first valentine’s day, I’ll never forgive myself. Why did I not bring it home? I always bring it home, why not this time?

It’s not fair, and it’s downright stupid! The monetary value of my possessions do not outweigh the punishment this heathen will get if he goes to prison, and I would bet anything that he does not live a happy or fulfilling life. He would get much more money and happiness if he got himself a decent job and earned his own money instead of robbing personal property of others.

I’m angry. I’m hurt. I’m fed up with being disappointed in humanity.


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