Nostalgic For a Time I Never Lived…

10 Nov

I’ve always thought I would have loved to have existed in a different era. On my ‘Awesome‘ playlist on my iPod you will find Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Eva Cassidy, Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake, James Taylor and others. The UK in the noughties left much to be desired for me on the music front with the best selling male artist being Eminem and female artist being Britney Spears in that decade… Of course I understand that I’ve never been one to follow the mainstream, junk culture tide, but through growing up in the noughties I always found it difficult to find any new kind of music that suited me.

Now however, I have new hope. Folk and acoustic music, the stuff I was born for I believe, is really hitting back at the computerised robots that have overpowered our radios for the last few decades. Fearne Cotton’s Live Lounge on the popular music station BBC Radio One is a blessing on earth, and Dermot O’Leary’s Saturday Sessions on BBC Radio Two follow the same thread. Artists now have to be musicians, with real sweat dripping down their cheeks, powerful lungs and an actual beating heart.

In an ever more cold and technical world, music should be the one thing that remains human. Jake Bugg was my realisation of this revolution. With a talent and voice that transports you back to the brilliance of Bob Dylan, Oasis, The Beatles but with a rare originality… He is everything I need in music and more combined, and he is here, right now. How lucky are we?

I have been saved by this new wave of real, acoustic music in recent years. Now we have the wonders of Laura Marling, Newton Faulkner, Mumford and Sons, Paolo Nutini, Of Monsters and Men, The Lumineers and so much more to bless our ears with. And I suppose, the internet is to thank that no matter what kind of music is murdering the top of the charts today, you can always listen to the beautiful music that ruled on a long lost yesterday.

Although the majority of my teenage years were spent in the noughties, I intend not to grow up just yet. The most incredible music is just beginning, and I’m gonna live it like I’m 19 for a long while yet.


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