Hair Talk

16 Nov

Ombre hair; it’s the cool older sister of the awkward teenage dip dye, isn’t it? It’s a look that doesn’t scream, “Look at me! I’m cool!” but sensuously whispers to all onlookers, “So what?”

Maybe it’s weird to personify a hairstyle, but to me, although my hair does not define my personality, it certainly has to represent it! When I was at school, I was a bleached blonde bubble head. Perhaps because I didn’t feel confident enough on the inside I was forced to make myself look typically confident on the outside. At sixth form, I was a quiet, ‘nice’ girl. My hair was the only thing that helped me to stand out, as I was the blondest girl in my year, with only one other blonde girl at all!

Can you spot me? I’ll give you a clue. The girl with the blondest hair and the black dress…

Since coming to university, I’ve realised I need to be more like myself. I loved my blonde hair, but it was a disguise. Now, I have reddy/brown locks that I am so proud of. They don’t cry for attention, because I know that my personality is good enough for that. It is more important to me that people like me for who I am, than what I look like.

That’s why I wear my hair naturally curly now rather than smoothing out all the imperfections, and that’s why I’m happier now than I’ve been for a few years. The outside is important, because it changes ours and other’s perceptions of what’s on the inside.

My next trip to the salon will bring me some ombre highlights at the tips, because I fancy making a bit of a statement next. But I will always remember I’m me, and that’s the biggest statement of all.


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