The Reading Marathon begins again!

20 Jan

I love being a student, and not for the fun, crazy, wild times people might think. I love it because I study English Literature, and so most of my time is spent reading, and being introduced to really good books. This is my reading list for this semester, and the dates I need to have read those books by, and so far I have read Gulliver’s Travels and A Journal of the Plague Year. I will keep you informed of my reading journey as it progresses, and I can’t wait to get stuck in!

Gulliver’s Travels 01/02/2013
Frankenstein 04/02/2013
The Third Policeman 08/02/2013
Robert Browning Selected Poems 11/02/2013
A Journal of the Plague Year 15/02/2013
Moll Flanders 15/02/2013
Webster, Portraits and Other Poems 18/02/2013
I Served the King of England 22/02/2013
Lady Audley’s Secret 25/02/2013
Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins 04/03/2013
A Confederacy of Dunces 08/03/2013
The Moonstone 11/03/2013
The Beggar’s Opera 15/03/2013
A Harlot’s Progress 15/03/2013
Money 10/04/2013
The Rape of the Lock 21/04/2013
Eloisa to Aberlard 21/04/2013
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde 22/04/2013
Portnoy’s Complaint 26/04/2013
Picture of Dorian Gray 29/04/2013

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