Hey Mr Postman, where have all the letters gone?

7 Mar

7 Paper Road,





Dear Random, Assorted and Miscellaneous Thoughts Reader,

As a stickler for good old fashioned values and also as a writer, my love of letter writing goes pretty deep. With the age of technology bringing us texts, emails and Skype, and the persistent environmentalists screaming at us not to waste the rainforest’s resources, we often struggle to find a plausible reason for hand writing a letter these days. For me, it is the magical moment of holding a letter from a loved one and knowing that it had physically been held by their hands too that makes it worth every drop of ink and shred of paper. There is nothing that can compare to when I read the letters my Grandmother sent to me before she passed away last year. No picture can be as personal as seeing the words in her handwriting, written to me. Through those letters alone she will be physically with me always.

A similar feeling occurred when I was sorting through family documents to attempt to compile some sort of family tree. I came across a love letter written by my Great-Great-Uncle Laurence, and I instantly felt as though he was in the room with me and that he was part of my family, rather than some distant ancestor I could never meet. Letters tell a story far greater than the words within them. The material artefact has a poetic element itself, and it is a shame to think my Great-Great-Niece may never discover a letter written in my hand in some battered old suitcase in a loft full of family treasures.

Although handwritten letters are virtually extinct from our society, children are still encouraged to send their letters of Christmas requests to good old Saint Nicholas. That man is the most magical of all, and he can travel around the whole world in one night, yet he still understands the importance of writing a letter rather than sending him an email (can you honestly imagine the preposterousness of that). The time and effort of putting pen to paper, and doing it in your best handwriting possible, just exudes love.

Yet the long lost romance of sending a letter is not dead yet. Come on people, pick up your pens and get some textured paper, pretty envelopes and those wonderful majestic stamps. Write to a secret lover and give it a spritz of your own perfume/aftershave, thank someone from the heart by writing it on a page, or just make someone smile by saying hello. Go on, rebel against technology for just one day, and if it’s the trees you’re worried about, they now make recycled paper.

Yours sincerely and forever,


3 Responses to “Hey Mr Postman, where have all the letters gone?”

  1. fairytaleepidemic March 7, 2013 at 3:07 pm #

    There is just something magical about a handwritten letter. But in a world of texting, IM’s, emails, skype, etc. they are almost non-existent. I wish people would write more letters >_<

    • francesclarke07 March 7, 2013 at 3:09 pm #

      Amen to that! I think it’s time to start a letter revolution 🙂

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