Man of Steel – Review

20 Jun

Henry Cavill is sweet and gorgeous and there were moments of spectacular imagery, especially when watched in IMAX 3D, but was there any other part of this film that lived up to my expectations? This primarily may have been the downfall of this film for me, as I was so excited to see it that it never really had a fighting chance. Actually, I retract that comment, as it did have a fighting chance, because I’ve seen other movies of this genre in the last few years which have blown this film out of the water. Avengers Assemble incorporated all of the action and excitement with a wonderful sparkling wit, while Nolan’s batman films were dark, twisted and particularly I felt with The Dark Knight, intrinsically clever and well executed. So why then, with Nolan back behind the camera and Hans Zimmer creating a ‘new’ score (which at times distracted me by how similar it was to the batman soundtracks with those booming chords), did this film lack that special something?

Personally, as a simple lover of good stories, I felt that this storyline was a bit thin. While there were a few gaping holes in the plot –  Kal-El’s new Earth parents never report to the authorities this GIANT space pod with child that has landed in their yard and decide to raise the child as their own without telling ANYONE – there was still a basic plot which could have been padded out and made to support a great film. Instead, the focus seemed to be on throwing money at the film and hoping CGI and special effects would be enough to carry it through. While the flying/fight scenes/explosions etc. were entertaining, I had this feeling that if they had allowed the film to simmer more and build expectation into one magnificent awesome visual moment, it would have had a lot more impact and been a lot more memorable. Sorry to return to this again for comparison, but in Avengers Assemble, people would walk out the cinema excitedly nattering to each other, “That moment when the Hulk came to life at the end and stopped the flying alien robot in its tracks in the street was AWESOME!!” When we came out of the cinema from Man of Steel, I couldn’t name one moment that had taken my breath away, because the vast amount of it made it insipid and, particularly with the lengthy fight scene at the end, a tad boring. The visuals were incredible, and it’s such a shame they were wasted in this way.

A classic story of an outsider fighting to fit in should be an easy winner, but with very little character development it is hard to connect to any of the characters so this sort of storyline is lost. Apart from the one chance encounter with Clark, Lois Lane has no real reason to develop any feelings of love towards him, yet she somehow does. The characters from the newsroom (the were called Jenny and Steve if you hadn’t noticed) were pointless. No back stories, no links or friendships even with each other except for the fact that they worked in the same office as the others, so when she was trapped under rubble and about to die, I couldn’t care less. Which shouldn’t be how you feel when watching Superman trying to save innocent citizens.

It may not sound like it to you, but I did enjoy this film. It made a nice evening out, and was entertaining even if it was only in the simple ways of big flashy effects and lots and lots of money. But I will end with this, I was glad it was on buy one get one free Orange Wednesdays because the extortionate prices to see films in IMAX 3D would not have been worth the money.


2 Responses to “Man of Steel – Review”

  1. Jonathan June 20, 2013 at 10:31 am #

    I thought it was fantastic – but then I don’t think too much about movies 🙂 I remember going to see Avatar with co-workers when it came out, and loved it – and they all tore it to shreds.

    • francesclarke07 June 20, 2013 at 10:58 am #

      Everyone can have their own opinions, and I think the film just wasn’t to my taste! Was the same with Avatar so it must be just a matter of taste. Thanks for dropping by!

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