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When the Sun Shines

26 Jan
When the sun shines,
I think of those I've loved and lost.
They are still there,
As every beam that warms my face
Is a tender touch of their hand.
Every glimmer on the water
Reflects their sparkling eyes,
Still looking fondly into mine.
The smiles spread by the sunlight’s glow
Come straight from their blessed hearts.
Yes, when the sun shines
I don’t miss them quite so much.


Quote of the Week 2014: Week #4

26 Jan

“What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

-Albert Pike

#FWF 09/11/12: “Funny how you can live your whole life believing a lie.”

13 Nov

Very funny, isn’t it? Laugh out loud, you know. I never have really lived I suppose, not until now anyway. The truth brings life, right? Or maybe not. I felt alive before, that thing’s sure. But I feel alive now I do, horribly and painfully wide awake… The hilarity is in the fact that it was my lie that I believed. I told it myself every morning as I woke, and hid it in the darkness of my dreams each night. Convincing myself was oddly easy, maybe I could do it again, if only I could forget…

That’s not an option, I must face the truth. Such a cliché, right? I wish my life was predictable, mundane. Wishing I could sink into the background but everything’s in the foreground now. Everything is so vivid, I can see the luminosity of the world for the first time now that I know the truth. That’s why I feel alive, it’s the colours. But the colours sting my eyes. The acid green grass mockingly burns my skin as I touch it, while the dense, azure sky compresses the air of the world with its weight creating the perfect echoing acoustic for the symphony of bombs that strike my mind and heart. Life is not what I thought it was, life is cruel.

August 2, 1918

Mrs. J. Doe.

Regret to inform you your son Jonathan C. Doe killed in action yesterday. Details follow.

WHITE. Acting Second Assistant. Postmaster General.